Who am I?

drevni/ wiewióra for friends, Wiesia/Wiesława for others 🙂

When did I start my photo adventure?

When I was at the university, I sent my application form to the editorial section of the students` website called dlastudenta.pl. My first photos were taken with analogue cameras, e.g. Pentax MZ-50 bought at a second-hand shop. I began taking up photojournalism at Woodstock 2010. One year later I purchased my digital camera, Nikon D90. Unfortunately, it broke down in Nov. 2016… what made me came back to analogue cameras. I will be back with digital pics by the end of Jan./Feb. 2017. I hope a full-frame will be some kind of breakthrough in my adventure with photography. Even though it`ll be challenging, I cannot wait! 🙂

What was next?

After two years of taking event photos, mostly at the concerts (rock and metal ones), I gained some experience and got to know creative people from the local venues such as Od Nowa or Lizard King. I began my cooperation with another website specializing in rock, metal and gothic music, that is darkplanet.pl. In the meantime, I graduated in English literature, then in advertising. This knowledge influenced my perception of commercials and photography used in this field of study. However, I think that longlife learning is obligatory. Resting on laurels is improper.

 I had been working with darkplanet.pl as a photojournalist until I moved to Italy. Despite the fact I stayed there only for a few months, many things had changed. I began cooperation with Get Your Guide (a web portal for travellers, where you can book guided-tours) and was involved in international project. Now, my photos are available on two international photo stock markets: eyeem.com and gettyimages.com (see “stock photos”). 

Why did I take up photos?

First of all, this is my passion (however, I don’t like the fact that the word ‘passion’ has been commercialised lately and now it’s losing its meaning). I can’t live without the camera, without taking pics, without observing ordinary objects in an extraordinary and unique way. Apart from being an English teacher and running my own language school, I want to focus on photography in my spare time. I don’t care if I earn thanks to photography or not. Of course, when there is the possibility to get payment for it, it is welcome, but photos are something additional which should make my life  happy. It’s the cherry on the cake. 

Besides, I love the feeling at the beginning of every concert because I’m somewhere between the band and the audience. In my opinion, backstage, rehearsals and preparations are much better than concerts due to the atmosphere. It allows a photographer to observe emotions and effort put by the performers. Additionally, I found out that classical musicians are more easy-going than other artists. Nevertheless, I cannot understand why some fans go out of their mind totally when they see celebrities. Generally speaking, artists are humans, but they stand out due to their talents, passion and perseverance 🙂

Why travel photography?

It enables me to combine my three passions: languages, travelling and photography.

What about the future?

I would like to be myself, cooperate with creative people and learn as much as possible (because nobody`s perfect :-)) Furthermore, I would like to help some newly-formed bands with promoting their talents, hence my friends and me created a group hemisphere which supports young artists by means of graphics, photography, texts and translation. Thus, you can find the logo of HemiSphere in the majority of the pics.

Wanna cooperate with me? Drop me a line, I`m eager to be a part of your photo story 😉